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Mind arises according to process, it is called thought process.
It has two lines, mental line, and material line.
The two lines arse side by side in our life.
When our life starts, there appear two lines, mental process and material process.
The first consciousness in mental process of a particular life is Patisandhi.
(Patisandhi here refers to the initial thought-process that occurs at the moment of conception in a new birth.)

In paticcasamuppāda, it is called sankhārāpaccayā viññānam.

That particular life starts with Patisandhi viññāna.

As Patisandhi viññāna arises, kamma born matters also arise together.
These kamma born matters are called kalala-rupa.
30 material qualities composed as the embryo (kalala).

There are Patisandhi citta, cetasika, and kamma born matters.

When Patisandhi citta arises, generally speaking, there are 33 cetasika associate with.
This is one line (i.e. mental line).

Another line is kamma born matters.
There are at least 30 material qualities.

In Pali: Gabbhaseyyaka-sattānam pana kāya-bhāva-vatthu-dasaka-sankhātāni tīni dasakāni pātubhavanti.
Translation: "To the womb-born creatures there arise (at rebirth) three decads :-
the decads of body, sex, and the heart-base."

These two lines in life are conditioned by the forces of 24 conditions.

Note:* The body decad (kāyadasaka) is composed of tbe four elements, namely, i. the element of extension (pathavi), ii. the element of cohesion (āpo), iii. the element of heat (tejo), iv. the element of motion (vāyo); its four derivatives (upūdārūpa) - namely, v. colour (vanna), vi. odour (gandha), vii. taste (rasa), viii. nutritive essence (oja), with ix. vitality (jīvitindriya), and x. body (kāya).

Sex-decad (bhavadasaka) and base-decad (vatthudasaka) also consist of the first nine and sex and seat of consciousness respectively.

From this it is evident that sex is determined by past Kamma at the very conception of the being.

Here kāya means the sensitive part of the body. Sex is not developed at the moment of conception but the potentiality is latent. Neither the heart nor the brain, the supposed seat of consciousness, is developed but the potentiality of the seat is latent.

Note:*The three instants such as genesis, static (or development), and dissolution constitute one thought-moment.
The duration of material things consists of seventeen such thought-moments.
(more explanation on thought processes)


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